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Disinfection Just Became Faster than Ever Before…

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Lithium Ion Vacuuming Goes to New Levels!

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Fas-Trak Industries & Guardian-X on Straight Talk with Jeff Cross

Fas-Trak Industries is Committed to Beating this Bug! Fas-Trak Industries partner Guardian-X, represented by long-time friend and all-around great guy, David Borofsky was on the ISSA's Straight Talk with Jeff Cross.  Please take just a few minutes to hear how the Guardian-X System, available on this website, can help you clean the air of harmful [...]

Fas-Trak to the Disinfection Rescue

You have a school to make SAFE and make READY. You have hundreds of thousands of square feet that you are expected to treat with disinfectant, and too little time in which to do it. Fas-Trak to the RESCUE!  With just the slightest of alterations to our already [fastest in the industry!] tool for coating […]

Fas-Trak Adds the SmartCan to Its Line…

End Back Strain from Lifting Trash Bags! Along with repetitive motion stress injuries and slip and fall accidents, lower back pain is in the top three causes for Workman's Comp claims among custodians and housekeepers. That doesn't need to continue, now that there is the SmartcanMax among the products available through Fas-Trak Industries. With this [...]

Germs in the Air!

The Case for Airborne Germ Filtration FAS-TRAK BRINGS THE BEST TO THE FLOOR...AND THE AIR!  In order to help you address the pressing concerns of purifying the air you, your staff, and your building occupants breathe, Fas-Trak Industries has partnered with Guardian X. Guardian X is a fast, 24/7, active air purification system that uses [...]

Rapid Disinfection of Floors with the Ultra-Trak

When you can't afford to let microbes take on "legs"... Hot Quick view Wishlist Add to cart Categories: Ultra-Trak & StingRayThe Ultra-Trak (with 28" EZ Head Assembly)FT-5020-28 $3,250.00 Pressured with the lack of productivity? Overwhelmed with Add to cart Wishlist Hot Quick view Wishlist Add to cart Categories: Ultra-Trak & StingRayThe Ultra-Trak (with 48" EZ [...]

3-D Mopping Vs The Bucket & Wringer

The Contrasts Will Amaze You! Traditional Mopping Method Tools Used for This Method: Cotton or Blended String Mop Handle Bucket with Wringer Cleaning Solution:  4 gallons of water 8 ounces of detergent What happens while you mop?  Because the mop is perpetually re-introduced to the water from the soiled floor, the cleaning solution gets dirtier [...]

Why Use the 3-D Bonnit Brush System over Carpet Extraction

The sad, but true facts about carpet extraction... Let's talk about the "wet" options for cleaning your carpets, and why their not practiced often enough to be effective... Truck Steam Extraction - The combined use of surfactant detergents, High-CFM Air Movement and Steam can make this a tremendous option for cleaning your carpets can be [...]

Why Schools NEED Ultra-Traks

Why Every School Needs an Ultra-Trak... It Make Gym Floor Maintenance & Restoration a BREEZE... More often than not, custodial staffs are frightened away from taking full ownership of their gym floors. They are not sure how to keep it clean, and they definitely DON'T want to be responsible for "messing up" the preparation and [...]

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