The 3-D Simple Brush & Mop Kit


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The 3D Brush & Mop Kit combines a thick, absorbent double-sided microfiber pad with a heavy-duty angled grout brush that can clean –

  • Ceilings , Walls & Hard to Reach Areas
  • Uneven Surfaces
  • Grout Lines
  • Edges, Corners & Stuck-On Messes!



The ``Go Anywhere`` 3-Dimensional Brush & Mop Cleaning Kit

Like the Ultra-Mop 3D, The 3D Simple Kit is far and away the ideal system for mopping facilities with either profiled floors or a variety of smooth and profiled floors. Its durable foam-filled core significantly increases both the cleaning ability and soil retention of this mop as compared to traditional microfiber flat-mop tools. The difference being that this kit uses a handy carrying caddy and lighter weight handle. This Kit also includes the chemicals designed to make your cleaning job easier, (6) launderable 13″ mopheads, and a 64oz dosing bottle.

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3D Ultra-Mop Brochure

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Specs and Features

- Sturdy Handle: a single piece aluminum pole
- Ergonomic: a convenient squeeze dispensing system chemicals providing solution for both cleaning and laundering.
- Convenient Carrying Caddy that holds up to (8) mop heads.
- Productive: 13" or 16" double-sided pad widths available
- Easy and lightweight: Weighs less than 3 lbs.
- Safe: Shorter drying time helps reduce slip and fall accidents and liability.
- Environmentally responsible and efficient. Uses 70% less water and chemicals!
- Portable: Replaces clumpsy bucket and wringer.
- Made in the USA

Ideal Markets
- Schools
- Universities/Colleges
- Building Service Contractors
- Hospitals/Nursing Homes
- Airports
- Office Buildings
- Medical/Animal Clinics
- Retail Stores
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