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The 3D Grit Strip hard floor care is part of our full 3D Program of Labor-Saving, Cost-Reducing products. In this case, we have clearly seen how this one system – designed for removing floor finish, can cut that nasty job down by at least 65%!


3D Grit Strip Brush & Pad System

The 3D Grit Strip System offers a far superior way to simply and easily remove old and damaged floor coatings from hard floor surfaces – even those with uneven or profiled surfaces.

The rigid .050 grit bristles break through the layers of finish allowing for better penetration of the stripping solution. The open Hi-Productivity (or other choice of pads) emulsify and lift the slurry away from the floor.

Four different stripping pad choices are available.  The kit includes the driver block, .050 grit brushes and a full case of pads.

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3D Grit Strip in Action

3D System Brochure

3D System Brochure

3D Grit Scrub Specs

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Specs and Features

- 17-3/8" Polypropylene pad and brush driver
- 2" Polypropylene riser
- Zinc plated toggle bolts and mounting screws
- Mighty LOK pad holder and shower feed
- Naturally designed centering pad holder
- 5 Year manufacturer's warranty on driver
- 4-.035 grit adjustable, reversible, replaceable, interchangeable brush inserts
- 19" Quad slotted carpet bonnits
- Universal clutch plate for most rotary machine
- Fits 15" through 20" machines
- Made in the USA

Ideal Markets
- Schools
- Universities/Colleges
- Building Service Contractors
- Hospitals/Nursing Homes
- Airports
- Office Buildings
- Medical/Animal Clinics
- Retail Stores
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