Cedar Creek Mopping System


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Need comfort, trusted performance and painless ease?

end your frustration with the Fluid Tool, the most ergonomic, user-friendly bucketless microfiber mopping system in the world!

Mop heads are not included with this code. 



Cedar Creek Rocker Frame 16`` Microfiber Mop

Have you ever used a microfiber mop that seemed to stick to the floor like glue?

We fixed this problem with our revolutionary Rocker frame, it makes mopping easier and faster through the power of physics!

This frame requires 36% less force to mop floors, yet delivers 64% more scrubbing power…is it magic?


It’s the rocking motion allows Rocker to clean with less force and scrub with more force.

You can wet mop with the Fluid and then immediately dry the floor simply by using the rocking motion.

Spin that mop, dry your floor, and get on with your day.

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Specs and Features

- Sturdy Handle: a single piece aluminum pole
- Ergonomic: a convenient squeeze dispensing system
- Convenient: 20 oz tank can dispense 2,500 sq/ft hour
- Productive: 13" or 16" double-sided pad widths available
- Easy and lightweight: Weighs less than 5 lbs.
- Safe: Shorter drying time helps reduce slip and fall accidents and liability.
- Environmentally responsible and efficient. Uses 70% less water and chemicals!
- Portable: Replaces clumpsy bucket and wringer.
- Made in the USA

Ideal Markets
- Schools
- Universities/Colleges
- Building Service Contractors
- Hospitals/Nursing Homes
- Airports
- Office Buildings
- Medical/Animal Clinics
- Retail Stores
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