GX-02 LED Panel UV-C Troffer


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Disinfect the air for optimal breathing

By using the filterless UV medical air disinfection system that destroys more than 99% of airborne bacteria, germs,  fungus, mold, and viruses – and is FDA cleared as a medical device.



GX-02 LED Panel UV-C Troffer

UV Flu Tech: Kills & Protects

The GX-02 is a patented 2 x 4 lighting troffer with a UV-C air treatment system. The GX-02 uses energy
efficient LEDs to provide high efficiency area illumination.
The GX-02 draws in untreated air, pushes it through a highly reflective UV chamber with an
ultraviolet light set at the wavelength of 253.7 nanometers which inactivates bacteria or fungi that
passes over the lamp. Four fans continue to push the air through the unit at approximately 50 cfm.
This allows the unit to treat the equivalent of one full volume of air from a typical 10 x 10 room with
8 ft. ceilings four times an hour. The system works 24/7/365.

Technical Data Sheet

GX-02 Spec Sheet

Short Line Brochure

2-Page Brochure


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