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Unsure how to quickly apply finishes to edges and corners?

Unclear how to apply finishes to edges?

Fas-Trak Industries is proud to announce the new, improved Micro-Trak, our hi-speed detail finish system! The Micro-Trak is primarily designed for high efficiency finish detailing and for small sections that are inaccessible with the Ultra-Trak system.



The Micro-Trak 16`` 50oz Finish Detail Tool

The Micro-Trak was specifically designed to be the perfect complement for the Ultra-Trak, cutting in the edges and laying the groundwork for rapid coating of the remaining open areas. In the below video, it is shown to be the essential tool for maximizing the application of finish to this grocery store.

Product Brochure

Micro-Trak Brochure

Owner's Manual

Owner’s Manual

Additional Specs

Ultra-Mop Specs


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Specs and Features
- Lightweight design that provides excellent ergonomics
- Labor and chemical savings system attachment system for easy pad removal
- 50 oz removable tank which finish approximately 1500 sq/ft per fill
- Pivoted head design for reaching under tight vertical constraints
Made in the USA

Ideal Markets
- Schools
- Universities/Colleges
- Building Service Contractors
- Hospitals/Nursing Homes
- Airports
- Office Buildings
- Medical/Animal Clinics
- Retail Stores

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