The Ultra-Trak for Concrete (with 48″ EZ Head & Concrete Applicator)


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Pressured with the lack of productivity?

Overwhelmed with shrinking budgets?

Burdened with increasing work and decreasing time?

Fas-Trak Industries is proud to announce the Ultra-Trak, Concrete application system! The Ultra-Trak is the most productive, pressurized floor finishing/sealing applicator on the market today.

(this unit comes in 3 different configurations – with 28″, 36″ or 48″ EZ Head Applicators)



Ultra-Trak Concrete Chemical Application System (Solvent or Water-Based)

Tired of slow, or uneven application of densifiers, sealers and maintainers for concrete?  We have the solution for every application situation. With TWO products and THREE Ultra-Trak options, we can assist you with the applying of solvent or water-based formulations, cutting spreading time and manpower way down. Furthermore, with the Ultra-Trak, clean-up is a breeze!

The flow-rate is fully adjustable to accommodate various viscosity levels, and the battery run-time is amazing – allowing for using 1 machine to coat up to 175,000 square feet with a single charge.

Here is a LINK to the Ultra-Trak for Concrete in Action.

Product Brochure

Ultra-Trak Brochure

Owner's Manual

Ultra-Trak Manual

Additional Specifications

Ultra-Trak Specs


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- Apply solvent-based gym or concrete coatings at 20,000 sq/ft hour
- Apply Mop-on restorers at 30,000 sq/ft hour to improve your floor-care program
- Clean large areas with our Fas-Mop technique (clean 30,000 sq/ft hour)
- Apply floor finishes or sealers at 25,000 sq/ft hour (10x faster than conventional application methods)
Environmentally responsible:
- Cut product waste by up to 20%
- Fully automatic & pressurized: Cleans in one minute
- Fully adjustable application feature
- Built-in charger with a battery run time of 5 - 7 hours
- 3 head sizes available: 28", 36" or 48"
- Portable and lightweight
- Made in USA!
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